Pen spot welding head

Pen spot welding head

Product Details

We offer a variety of spot weld heads for different electronic components and different welding process requirements.
Special spot welding head for electronic spot welding machine: flat, beveled, V-shaped, round-faced, etc. When welding, it has the characteristics of bright, reliable, stable solder joints and reduced signal attenuation. The welding head has superior quality, long service life, complete specifications and models, and can be customized according to customers' samples. According to the different specifications of the spot welding wire diameter and the shape of the welding spot, different types of welding heads are selected.

The spot welding head is a key component of the electronic spot welding machine for paint removal and welding. The welding head can be processed into different shapes according to the size of the wire diameter of the welded enameled wire and the workpiece, and can be designed according to the requirements of the customer. Specific applications include: production of various small-coil electronic components, such as high-frequency communication components, chip transformers, chip inductors, micro-horns, inductive IC cards, buzzers, receivers, speakers, headphones , antennas, microphones, sounders, hands-free headsets, vibration motors, micro motors, clock coils, modules, and other small coil electronic components, welding, metal wire, metal strip, metal sheet, solar cell Welding of lead wire contacts such as telecommunication data lines.