Pen spot welding head manufacturers

Pen spot welding head manufacturers

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Dongguan Shouhuang Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 in China's electronic town - Shijie Town, Dongguan City. It is a professional manufacturer and service provider of rare metal products. After years of independent research and development, our company specializes in the production of precision spot welding heads , pulse hot-pressure spot welding heads, tungsten boats, molybdenum boats and tungsten-molybdenum-titanium alloys, and Hapa heads . The products are widely used in non-standard equipment such as daily characteristic welding machine, analytical spot welding machine and hot pressing machine. The spot welding head produced by the company has the advantages of stable quality, fast heat reaction time, uniform welding, no tinning, beautiful welding surface and long service life. Our products are all imported and customized, which can satisfy customers. Class requirements.

The products are specifically used in the field of soldering and plating of electronic components. Such as: chip inductors, smart IC card coils, RF cards, high-frequency communication components, electronic modules, various types of micro-motors, solar cells, USB connectors, FPC flexible circuit boards and various connector module components Welding between boards and vacuum plating.