Pen spot welding head use

Pen spot welding head use

Product Details

Mainly used for welding very thin coaxial wire I-PEX, FPC, FFC and PCB soldering, LCD and TCP ACF connection, HDMI, MINI and other USB connector soldering, Teflon wire and terminal direct connection, plastic plastic Heating joints, etc. The welding method does not cause the phenomenon of the virtual welding, and the welding can be realized at one time, and the welding quality can be ensured without taking into consideration the operation skill of the personnel. Moreover, the temperature can be used in real time to ensure the welding quality, especially suitable for high-end products requiring high welding precision.

Its main feature is that the welding head and the welding machine have formed a loop, the current passes through this circuit, mainly generates heat at the high end of the welding head, the welding head actively generates heat, and the welded object does not actively generate heat, and the welding head contacts the object to be welded, and will instantly Heat is transferred to the object being welded, and the object to be welded is melted and welded to the other object to be welded.

Product Description: According to the product design, the temperature difference between left and right is small.