Spot welding head

Spot welding head

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There are many types of spot welding heads, including the welding head and the micro spot welding head.


Welding head


Divided into upper and lower parts, the welded object is located in the middle of the upper and lower parts during welding. The current passes through the object to be welded and generates heat on the object to be welded. Sometimes, heat is generated mainly through the contact surface of the object to be welded and the welding head. Look at which part of the current loop has a large resistance. In the current loop, the resistance of that part is large, so the heat is mainly generated at that part. Therefore, in the case of bump welding, the resistance of the horn is important.


Micro spot welding head


The micro spot welding head is the corresponding welding head of the microelectronic spot welding machine. Its main feature is that the spot welding head and the welding machine have formed a loop. The current passes through this circuit, mainly generates heat at the high end of the welding head, and the welding head actively generates heat. The object to be welded does not actively generate heat, and the welding head contacts the object to be welded, and instantaneously transfers heat to the object to be welded, and the object to be welded is melted and welded to the object to be welded which is in contact with the other.