Spot welding head material

Spot welding head material

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Conventional spot welding heads are chrome zirconium copper, aluminum oxide copper, beryllium copper, tungsten copper, etc., depending on the material of different industries, such as chrome zirconium copper spot welding head. Under normal circumstances, spot welding machine manufacturers are all equipped with this material. It can be spot welded hot and cold plate, stainless steel plate, such as in the case of large spot welding machine power, you can choose beryllium copper spot welding head; aluminum oxide copper spot welding head is generally needle galvanized plate welding, because the chemical inside and Hardness is more suitable for galvanized sheet. Other materials are affected by his high hardness, which affects his conductivity. If you want to know the inductive spot welding head , please contact us.

The spot welding head is a device used in point resistance welding equipment to directly contact the object to be welded to directly supply current and pressure to the object to be welded. To see the materials of the products to be welded, for example, ordinary iron products can be made of chrome-zirconium copper, welded stainless steel can be made of bismuth-nickel-copper, and if welded nickel-plated sheets can be made of alumina copper or the like. It is not possible to solder all products with one electrode material.