Spot weld head range

Spot weld head range

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Production of various electronic components with small coils, such as high-frequency communication components, chip transformers, chip inductors, micro-horns, inductive IC cards, buzzers, receivers, speakers,
Headphones, antennas, microphones, sounders, hands-free headsets, vibration motors, micro motors, clock coils, modules, and other small coil electronic components can also be soldered.
The welding of lead wires of metal wires, metal strips, metal sheets, solar cells, and telecommunication data lines is designed according to the customer's sample design. At the same time, the electric heating and the power-off cooling are simultaneously performed during the pressurization, and the joint floating and soldering are prevented. * Suitable for hot-welding, soldering and resin bonding of mulberry and wire. Excellent reproducibility of temperature, time and other parameters can achieve the production of 髙 quality products. The local instantaneous heating method can well control the thermal influence on the components of the country. main application
1. Thermocompression bonding, soldering, etc. of flexible circuit boards in electronic products such as LCD, PDP, and mobile phones.

2. Soldering of the enameled wire of HD, coil, capacitor, motor, sensor, etc.

3. Soldering of cables and connectors in communication equipment such as computers.

4 soldering of αMoS, CCD and FPC boards for digital cameras and mobile phones.

5. Resin thermocompression bonding of relays, printers, compact cameras, etc.

6 The internal pressure of the gold wire in the microwave medical device is combined.