Spot welding head application

Spot welding head application

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The first spot welding head has the advantages of stable quality, fast heat reaction time, uniform welding, non-sticking, beautiful welding surface and long service life.
Spot welding heads are specifically used in the field of electronic component soldering. Such as: chip inductors, smart I card line countries, RF cards, high frequency communication components, electronic modules, Mingmei micro motors, solar cells, USB connectors, FPC flexible circuit boards and various connector module components Soldering with the board.

Spot welding head design principle: different welding materials, welding point requirements are different, welding energy is not the same, the required spot welding head design is different, the general spot welding head is divided into three parts, respectively, the power receiving part, the transition part And the discharge part, the different design has different effects on the connection, the electricity collection and the discharge, which will result in different welding effect and service life. Generally speaking, the welding effect is good, the welding strength is good, and the required welding voltage is low. Under the same parameters, the corresponding spot welding head life will be reduced.