Haba head

Haba head

Product Details

The hot pressing point is the head of the Haba. When the pressure is applied, the heating and the cooling are performed simultaneously, and the joint is prevented from floating and the welding is prevented. It is more suitable for thermocompression bonding, soldering and resin bonding of flexible materials and wires. The reproducibility of parameters such as superior temperature and time enables the production of high-quality products. Local instantaneous heating provides good control of the thermal effects on surrounding components.

Mainly used in:

1. Thermocompression bonding, soldering, etc. of flexible circuit boards in electronic products such as LCD, PDP, and mobile phones. 2. Soldering of the enameled wire of HDD, coil, capacitor, motor, sensor, etc.

3. Soldering of cables and connectors in communication equipment such as computers.

4. Soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards for digital cameras and mobile phones.

5. Resin thermocompression bonding of relays, printers, compact cameras, etc.

6. The hot wire bonding of the gold wire inside the microwave device.

The company produces a large number of wholesale hot-weld welding heads. This welding head is specially designed for electronic pulse micro spot welding machines, wire-bonding machines for circuit boards, etc., with small solder joints, good electrical conductivity, small signal attenuation, long weld head life, etc. advantage