What you must know about molybdenum boats
- 2019-12-31-

Now molybdenum products gradually deepen our daily life, so how much do you know about molybdenum products and what is its production process? What impact does molybdenum boat have on the environment? I think this should be something everyone or maybe every manufacturer of molybdenum boat and tungsten molybdenum electrolytic polishing manufacturer should consider. Next, the editors of these answers tell you.

In the absence of oxygen, the molybdenum boat has fairly good corrosion resistance to many acids, metal liquids and molten glass. Within 1100 ° C, molybdenum is relatively stable in hydrogen, ammonia and nitrogen. Mainly used in metallurgy industry, machining, glass ceramic industry container. Such as high melting point metal sintering, melting quartz glass, etc. Our factory selects the isostatic press to limit the forming, and then sinters the intermediate frequency furnace to make the molybdenum crucible with diameter up to Φ600mm, height up to 500mm, and wall thickness ranging from 0.2-15mm.

Molybdenum boat is a vessel formed by riveting molybdenum sheet or punching with a punch. It is mainly used for coating skills, electronics industry, power engineering work, such as vacuum thermal evaporation, capacitor sintering, nuclear fuel sintering, etc. The molybdenum boats produced by our factory have different shapes, including rectangular, square, trapezoidal, semi-circular, hexagonal, and boat-shaped. Molybdenum and molybdenum alloys are widely used in manufacturing operations due to their excellent mechanical and chemical properties. The pure metal of molybdenum is silver-white and very strong. Adding a small amount of molybdenum to the steel will harden the steel. The high purity, high temperature resistance, and low vapor pressure of molybdenum make molybdenum products often used to make high-temperature furnace heating elements and structural materials.

In the production process of molybdenum boats and hard alloys, most of them use molybdenum wire heating to make recovery furnaces and sintering furnaces. Some iron products are continuously sintered. Molybdenum rod heating rows are used as heating elements. Molybdenum rod heating rows are suspended by molybdenum hooks. Both sides of the stove. This type of furnace is generally a restorative atmosphere or a non-oxidizing atmosphere. Molybdenum wire can be used near the melting point in hydrogen and differentiated ammonia, and can be used up to 2000 ° C in nitrogen. When it is used above 1700 ℃, TZM alloy or molybdenum lanthanum alloy with higher recrystallization temperature and better strength can be selected as the heating element.

In addition to electrodes, molybdenum products are also used as glass melting high-temperature structural materials, such as guide grooves, tubes, crucibles, spouts, and stirring rods for rare earth exercises. Using molybdenum to replace platinum in glass fiber drawing furnace works well, greatly reducing production costs. In addition, molybdenum and its alloy molybdenum products can also be used as hot isostatic furnace frames, heat shields, sintered and steam-coated boats, SmCo magnets, and sintered uranium dioxide pads, thermocouples and their protection Casing, etc.

It is becoming more and more clear that molybdenum plays an important role in controlling environmental pollution. The many uses of molybdenum-containing stainless steel have greatly reduced the environmental impact caused by rust. In addition, most of molybdenum and its compounds are non-toxic. The safer replacement of toxic metals by molybdenum is also a major contribution to human environmental protection.