Spot welding head for the first innovative connector in Dongguan
- 2018-11-07-

The first spot welding head of the first enameled wire spot welding machine: there are plane shape, bevel shape, V shape, spherical shape and so on. P180 has a melting point of 180 and E180 has a melting point of 210. The lower the melting point of the temperature-sensitive line connected to the welding head, the higher the life expectancy. When welding, it has the characteristics of welding, light, firmness, stability, signal degradation, etc. The high-end contact area of ​​the head is small, the required voltage is low, the welding efficiency is high, and the solder joint stability is better. The first generation of various types of molybdenum alloy, molybdenum alloy, titanium alloy, the solder joint is stable, and the service life is long. Welding enameled wire, gold wire, copper wire, aluminum foil, etc. It does not need solder and flux, meets ROHS requirements; the solder joint is small, can reach 0.05 square millimeter, and the consistency is high; it does not show the virtual welding; the welding of the enameled wire does not have to be removed beforehand Paint, paint removal and soldering one step; low transmission interference to high frequency signals; solder joint temperature and humidity and sensation higher than general solder, cooperative automatic welding channel power is higher, the first will be for different welding processes and requirements, based on The customer's specific welding requirements, free planning for the customer's spot welding head.

Connector, CONNECTOR. Domestically referred to as connectors, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to electrical connectors. That is, a device that connects two active devices to transmit current or signals.

Welding is an essential part of the production process of the connector, and the spot welding head is an important thing for welding. The high-quality spot welding head not only makes the welding surface beautiful, but also facilitates assembly. It can greatly improve the electrical conductivity of the welding surface and extend the service life.

In the process of continuous development, the first successful production of the third-generation connector-specific spot welding head, this point welding head using imported materials, using the creation of a method of production, compared to the previous function has made great progress, the welding surface is more beautiful No soldering and fluxing, no ROHS requirements, small solder joints, high consistency, no soldering, no need to remove paint before enameled wire, one step of paint removal and soldering, high frequency signal transmission The solder joint temperature and humidity and sensation are higher than the general solder.

Adhere to innovation and technology. In the development of the past ten years, Chuangchuang has always believed in this principle. We believe that in the environment of creating and persisting in innovation, we will certainly enable us to go further.