Take you to know the main application of the spot welding head
- 2018-11-07-

Special spot welding head: there are plane, bevel, V, round and so on. When welding, it has the characteristics of bright, reliable, stable solder joints and reduced signal attenuation. The spot welding head has superior quality, long service life, complete specifications and models, and can be customized according to customers' samples. According to the different specifications of the spot welding wire diameter and the shape of the welding spot, different types of welding heads are selected.

The spot welding head is an important part of the electronic spot welding machine for paint removal and welding. The welding head can be processed into different shapes according to the size of the wire diameter of the welded enameled wire and the workpiece, and can be planned according to the requirements of the customer. Detailed use: production of various small coil electronic components, such as high-frequency communication components, chip transformers, chip inductors, micro speakers, inductive IC cards, buzzers, receivers, speakers, headphones , antennas, microphones, sounders, hands-free headsets, vibration motors, micro motors, wall clock coils, modules and other small coil electronic components, the same welding, metal wire, metal strip, metal sheet, solar cell Welding of lead wire contacts such as telecommunication data lines.

The hot-pressed spot welding head we produce is carried out together with the electric heating and the electric cooling at the time of pressurization, avoiding the floating of the joint and the cold welding. Suitable for hot press welding, soldering and resin bonding of flexible materials and wires. The reproducibility of the parameters such as temperature and time of the winning can complete the production of high-quality products. The local instantaneous heating method provides excellent control of the thermal impact on surrounding metadevices. The first application is: 1. Thermocompression bonding, soldering, etc. of flexible circuit boards in electronic products such as LCD, PDP, and mobile phones. 2. Soldering of the enameled wire of HDD, coil, capacitor, motor, sensor, etc. 3. Soldering of cables and connectors in communication equipment such as computers. 4. Soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards for digital cameras and mobile phones. 5. Resin thermocompression bonding of relays, printers, compact cameras, etc. 6. The gold wire inside the microwave equipment is combined with hot pressing. The company produces a large number of wholesale hot-weld welding heads. This welding head is specially used for electronic pulse micro spot welding machines, wire-bonding machines for circuit boards, etc. It has the advantages of small solder joints, good electrical conductivity, small signal attenuation, long service life of welding heads, etc. . According to customer needs, sample to map custom! Sample reviews are also available for free!