Evaporation boat production process and its application industry
- 2018-11-07-

Due to the backward production process, the two-component evaporation boat that is prevalent in the world cannot be produced. It can only be used as a single 3-component evaporation boat. Its formula is to increase the proportion of aluminum nitride on the basis of two components. This formula has a high density and a large amount of materials. It is limited to traditional occupational applications, and the evaporation quality requirements. Strict products can't be satisfied. However, some companies have increased the practice of tungsten, calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, zirconia, etc. on the basis of three components, and completely entered the component misunderstanding, and it is impossible to control the quality.

The 2 components are used throughout the world and are recognized by customers in terms of quality and power. Because the composition is as long as boron nitride and titanium diboride, the quality is more controllable during the production process. The resistivity is very accurate. The evaporation power of the two components is incomparable to any other component. 2 The composition has low density, less material used, and simple production and processing. Today, with the strong protection of the environment by human beings, low-carbon environmental protection is the responsibility of each of us.

First, the evaporation boat is heated at a high temperature and overheated, and the heating time is too long, resulting in carbonization. (Common conditions are open flame operation, first carbonization, then cracking)

Second, there is a gap at the indentation of the heat-shrinkable tube, which is less likely to shorten the process of cutting and spreading (especially the tube with a higher multiple)

Third, the quality of the heat shrinkable tube itself. The possibility is relatively large.

4. Whether there is a sharp foreign object in the tube causes the shortening process of the heat-shrinkable tube to be cut.

Fifth, the heat shrinkable tube selection problem, the original diameter of the use of 1.8 practice selection of the diameter is 1.6.

The raw materials of the evaporation boat are boron nitride (BN), titanium diboride (TiB2), and aluminum nitride (ALN) ceramic powder. TiB2 is a project developed by China's 863 program and is a new type of ceramic material supported by China's high-tech development. Boron nitride and titanium diboride non-oxide high-tech engineering ceramic materials have attracted attention and attention in the international market in the past decade. In recent years, the country has caused a focus on research and development. For example, the research unit of TiB2, the new key laboratory of data composite technology has won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the Building Materials Bureau and the third prize of scientific and technological progress, which has filled the domestic blank. Ningxia Machinery Research Institute has won the sponsorship of the Ministry of Science and Technology. From the data of the three main powder sources used in the production of evaporation boats, the domestic research has been successful without importing. Foreign market prices are extremely expensive, such as TiB2 powder prices of 200-300 US dollars / kg.

The use of evaporation boat products: widely used in the packaging industry to produce coatings (plating paper, plastic, glass, textiles, etc.), also used in the industry of electro-acoustic, integrated circuit coating, tube coating, vacuum plating (aluminum) membrane equipment The main component is the evaporation boat of aluminum.