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How to use the evaporation boat correctly to get the best performance
- 2018-11-06-

The evaporation boat is a general term for all evaporation vessels. The composition of the ingredients varies depending on the use. The materials involved are various metal non-metallic compounds such as boron nitride, titanium diboride, aluminum nitride, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, and silicon nitride. In the 19th century, graphite materials were used as evaporation boats , but the pollution was severe and the life was low, which was rarely used.

Vacuum evaporation packaging materials, capacitor metallization coating, display plating, bronzing plating, anti-counterfeiting coating, reflective coating, paper, textile aluminum plating, etc., mainly vaporized aluminum, copper, silver and so on.

1. The two rows of fixtures should be aligned and the exterior should be bright.

2. Use graphite paper on the end or side to ensure excellent electrical touch and heat transfer.

3. The contact point of the aluminum wire should be located 1/3 to half of the length of the boat.

4. The new evaporation boat will not heat up too quickly to avoid affecting deflation.

5. For the first time of the new evaporation boat, the aluminum feeding speed should be gradually increased from the normal start of about 75%, and gradually reduce the power to reach the larger liquid aluminum spreading area.

6. The first heating of the evaporation boat is preferably 15 minutes, and the aluminum is vapor-deposited at the beginning of the method.

7. When each roll is finished, first stop sending aluminum, then turn off the power after 30-60 seconds.

8. After the power is turned off for about 2 minutes, until the evaporation boat cools to dark red, and the vacuum is turned off at the beginning.

A conductive ceramic evaporation boat is a tool for evaporating metal at high temperatures. It is a ceramic composite material whose primary composition is titanium diboride (TiB2) and boron nitride (BN), and sometimes other materials are added to improve certain functions. It is made of modern fine ceramics preparation method. It has excellent metal corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and electrical conductivity, and long service life. It can satisfy the requirements of all modern vacuum metallization processes. It is mainly used for continuous aluminum plating of plastic film: such as polyester, polypropylene film aluminized capacitor, plastic film food preservation aluminum plate, laser aluminized anti-counterfeit trademark, bronzing aluminized polyester film; secondly used for picture tube screen plating Aluminum, large-scale integrated circuit electron beam evaporation of aluminum, etc., exercise rare metal crucibles, electrodes of electrolytic aluminum melting pool. The product is in a priority position in the country, reaching the international advanced level and having a high functional price ratio.

The advantages of evaporation boat:

1. High-purity and high-quality raw materials are used to ensure that the materials have good chemical properties.
2, the use of international advanced vacuum hot pressing sintering method to ensure the excellent physical properties of the product.
3. The sintering process adopts two-way pressurization to ensure the consistency of product bulk density.
4. Digital control of production equipment to ensure consistent and consistent product quality.
5, unique process formula, optimize the composition of the structure, enhance the thermal shock resistance and bending strength of the evaporation boat, improve.
6, aluminum liquid spreading ability and evaporation efficiency, enhance the resistance to aluminum corrosion, and extend the working life.