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How to choose the correct titanium spot welding head
- 2018-11-06-

Ensure that the welding process is stable and reliable, and ensure the applicable life of the titanium spot welding head. Due to different welding materials, different solder joint requirements, and different welding energies, the required titanium spot welding head design is different. The general titanium spot welding head is divided into three parts, namely the power receiving part, the transition part and the discharging part. Different designs have different effects on electricity connection, electricity collection and discharge, which will result in different welding effects and applicable life. Generally speaking, the welding effect is good, the welding strength is good, the required welding voltage is low, and the welding effect is good. The strength is good, the required welding voltage is low, and under the same parameters, the service life of the corresponding titanium spot welding head will be reduced.

Titanium spot welding head: electronic spot welding machine parts, the key components affecting the welding effect. Different standard titanium spot welding heads , different quality titanium spot welding heads , the welding effect is different. The first spot welding head features: the welding head is accurate, the high-end touch area of ​​the titanium spot welding head is small, the required voltage is low, the welding efficiency is high, and the welding joint is stable. The first will be for different welding processes, welding requirements, according to the customer. Detailed welding requirements, free planning for customers to meet the requirements of titanium spot welding head . Production of various types of molybdenum alloy, molybdenum alloy, titanium alloy, stable solder joints, long service life. Welding enameled wire, gold wire, copper wire, aluminum foil, etc.

Titanium spot welding head selection 1. Firstly, according to the melting point of the wire material and the pad material, select the titanium spot welding head material and the titanium spot welding head type. 2. According to the welding point requirements, select the titanium spot welding head discharge part and the weldment touch. The area of ​​the large wire needs a large touch area, 3 according to the wire data and welding data to select the shape of the discharge part, 4. According to the better discharge criteria set the shape of the welding head.

Titanium spot welding head maintenance 1. Titanium spot welding head discharge blackening or serious oxidation should be polished with fine sandpaper, remove the oxide layer.

Titanium spot welding head use and classification 1. Titanium spot welding head is used in various welding equipment, including electronic spot welding machine, welding machine, hot pressing machine, ultrasonic welding equipment, etc. Dongguan First Hardware Electronics will supply welding according to customer requirements. Welder spot welding head.

It has the function of directly welding the enameled wire without removing the insulating paint. It does not need any flux and solder during soldering to complete lead-free soldering. During welding, a strong current flows through the fine welding area, and electric energy is converted into heat energy. After welding, the two metals are reliably welded together to form a metal alloy that is not easily oxidized. It has the advantages of fine solder joints, reliable, low attenuation to high frequency signals, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It is suitable for welding gold wire, silver wire, copper wire, etc. It is especially convenient for small inductance welding such as small coil, small magnetic ring and small enameled wire, and can also be used as a wire feeding device for circuit board factory.

The titanium spot welding head produced by Dongguan Shouchuang Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. has the advantages of stable quality, fast heat reaction time, uniform welding, non-stick tin, beautiful welding surface and long service life.