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Spot weld heads can be classified into which
- 2018-11-06-

The spot welding head is a device that is used in a spot resistance welding device to directly contact the object to be welded and that the object to be directly supplied with current and pressure is considered.

There are many types of spot welding heads , including the welding head and the micro spot welding head.

Welding head

It is divided into upper and lower parts. When welding, the object to be welded is located at the center of the upper and lower parts. The current passes through the object to be welded, and heat is generated on the object to be welded. Sometimes, heat is generated mainly through the surface of the object to be welded and the surface of the welding head. Look at which part of the current loop has a large resistance. In the current loop, the resistance of that part is large, so the heat is mainly generated at that part. Therefore, in the case of bump welding, the resistance of the horn is important.

Micro spot welding head

The micro spot welding head is the corresponding welding head of the microelectronic spot welding machine. Its main feature is that the welding head and the welding machine are now formed into a circuit. The current flows through this circuit, and the heat is generated at the high end of the welding head first, and the welding head automatically generates heat. The object to be welded does not automatically heat up, the welding head touches the object to be welded, instantaneously transfers heat to the object to be welded, and the object to be welded is melted and welded to the object to be welded of another touch.

In the spot welding equipment, when welding the thin wire, the welding head needs to be pressed on the two thin metal wires to be welded, and the welded metal wires are welded together by the action of the high-temperature welding head, in the numerical control In the process of winding the coil winding machine, the common welding head always uses manual welding when welding the coil wire. However, since the welding head is easy to wear and easy to accumulate foreign matter, the welding head needs to be cleaned frequently, so the welding efficiency is low and the welding quality is unstable. , seriously affecting the production efficiency and coil quality of the CNC winding machine coil.

Conventional spot welding heads include chromium zirconium copper, aluminum oxide copper, beryllium copper, tungsten copper, etc., which are selected according to different occupational materials of different occupations. For example, chrome zirconium copper spot welding heads are generally equipped with spot welding machine manufacturers. Raw material, it can spot welding cold and hot plate, stainless steel plate, such as the spot welding machine power, can choose copper beryllium spot welding head; alumina copper spot welding head is generally needle galvanized plate welding, due to chemical inside And hardness is more suitable for galvanized sheet, other raw materials weldment due to his high hardness affects his conductivity.