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What should be paid attention to when processing tungsten steel fixtures?
- 2018-11-06-

1. Precautions for cutting and grinding

1. The tungsten steel fixture piece is simply cracked and collapsed under impact and excessive processing load. The cemented carbide must be firmly fixed on the workbench before processing.
2. The magnetic properties of tungsten steel are extremely low. The non-magnetic hard alloy base is not magnetic. Do not fix the hard alloy with magnet. Please fix it with fixtures. Please acknowledge the looseness of the workpiece before processing. If yes, please fix the workpiece. To the end.
3. The tungsten steel fixture piece will be lubricated after cutting and grinding, and the angle is very sharp. Please pay attention to safety when transferring and using.
4, hard alloy is very hard and brittle material, afraid of impact, it is strictly prohibited to hit the hard alloy with a metal hammer.

Second, precautions during discharge and wire cutting

1. The tungsten steel fixture piece has high hardness and high wear resistance, and the operation process will be slower when discharging and wire cutting.
2. The surface of the tungsten steel fixture piece after discharge machining is relatively simple to show cracking and chipping, so adjust the processing procedure according to the application conditions of the product.
3. When the tungsten steel fixture piece is cut in the line, the cracking often occurs. Therefore, after processing, it is confirmed that the processing surface has no defects and then the next process is processed.

Third, the precautions during welding processing

1. Please use the requirements to select the appropriate welding/fusion processing plan.
2. The tungsten steel fixture piece is simply cracked during the welding process. Please confirm that the machined surface is not damaged after processing and proceed to the next process.
3. When the scattered matter (welded iron) that occurs during the welding operation adheres to the cemented carbide, the alloy is cracked because the cooling is simple after rapid heating, so be careful when doing the welding work.

Fourth, pay attention to HIT processing

1. When perforating or tapping on the stuffing (dispersion bonding), the stuffing may be shaken or the hard alloy may be partially cracked. Please strengthen the inspection and acknowledge that there is no abnormality after the operation.
2. When performing all processing operations: If any safety equipment is attached to the machine, please use it during processing. It is necessary for the staff to wear safety equipment that protects the eyes, hands, feet, head and all parts of the body.