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On the advantages of using molybdenum boat in the steel industry
- 2019-12-16-

The main use of molybdenum boats: Molybdenum boats are mainly used in the iron and steel industry. Most of the molybdenum boats are directly used in steelmaking or cast iron after briquetting of industrial molybdenum oxide boats. A small part is smelted into molybdenum boat iron and then used in steelmaking. The content of molybdenum boat in low alloy steel will not be greater than 1%, but the consumption in this respect accounts for about 50% of the total consumption of molybdenum boat. The participation of molybdenum boat in stainless steel can improve the corrosion resistance of steel.

Participating in molybdenum boat in cast iron can improve the strength and wear resistance of iron. The 18% nickel-based superalloy containing molybdenum boat has the characteristics of high melting point, low density and small thermal expansion coefficient, and is used to manufacture various high temperature parts for aviation and aerospace. Metal molybdenum boats are widely used in electronic equipment such as tubes, transistors and rectifiers. Molybdenum oxide boat and molybdenum boat salt are good catalysts in the chemical and petroleum industries. Molybdenum disulfide boat is a major lubricant used in the aerospace and machinery industries. Molybdenum boat is one of the trace elements necessary for plants, and is used as a trace element fertilizer in agriculture.

Pure molybdenum boat wire is used for high-temperature electric furnace and electric spark processing and wire cutting processing; molybdenum boat chip is used to make radio equipment and X-ray equipment; molybdenum boat is resistant to high temperature ablation, mainly used in artillery bores, rocket nozzles, and tungsten bulb wires Manufacturing of brackets. Adding molybdenum boat to alloy steel can improve the elastic limit, anti-corrosion function and maintain long-term magnetism. Molybdenum boat is one of the seven micronutrients required for plant growth and development. Without it, plants cannot survive. Animals and fish are the same as plants and need molybdenum boats for the same.

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