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Take you to understand the correct use of spot welding head
- 2019-03-27-

Method of spot welding head

When the spot welding head is not strong or the wire is brought up, the spot welding head should mainly be used instead of adjusting the parameters. When the spot welding head is used, pay attention not to use too much force to grind. W5 fine sandpaper to lightly grind one or two times to clean the bottom of the spot welding head.

Do not loose the spot welding head

The center of the spot welding head is insulating glue. Tightening the spot welding head and then loosening it will affect the touch position of the two spot welding heads, resulting in poor welding. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the spot welding head be installed and used in the future. Remove it before stopping. Do not disassemble the spot welding head often.

Spot welding head clamps must be clean

Because a large current is used for welding, the reason for the large parameters is often because the spot welding head clamp clamps the spot welding head with a lot of dirt, which seriously affects the current flow. So it is recommended to clean the area once a month.

To line up correctly

Defective products are generally caused by the inaccuracy of the line. There are two keys to the line. One is that the line must pass through the two ends of the bottom of the spot welding head. The other is that there is an error when viewing the line. The center position, but it looks like the line is pressed behind the spot welding head.

Each spot welding head is different, and cannot use the same parameters

Spot welding heads are very weak and delicate products. There is a range of specifications at the factory, but because the connection of different machines is different, the surface oxidation of different products is not the same, and the oxidation time of the spot welding heads is different. Not the same. Together, the tolerances of each spot welding head are not the same. Although they are in the acceptable range, but the role of the welding point and the machine, the connection, the degree of oxidation of the welding surface, the condition of the line, the strength of the foot, etc. Many factors are related, so the parameters corresponding to each spot welding head are different. Strictly speaking, there is no way to achieve two spot welding heads that have exactly the same welding effect. However, as long as the parameters are appropriate, the welding effect is in A range or difference is not significant. Only by following the above requirements can the spot welding head be used longer.