Fixture piece

Fixture piece

Product Details

The types of winding machine fixtures can be divided into:

1 universal fixture. Such as machine vise, chuck, suction cup, indexing head and rotary table, etc., have great versatility, can better adapt to the processing process and the transformation of processing objects, its structure has been shaped, size, specifications have been series Most of them have become a standard accessory for machine tools.

2 special fixtures. It is specially designed and manufactured for the clamping needs of a certain product part in a certain process. The service object is specific and highly targeted, and is generally designed by the product manufacturer. Commonly used are lathe fixtures, milling fixtures, drills (machine tool holders for guiding tools to drill holes or reaming on workpieces), die cutters (machine tool holders for guiding the boring bar on the workpiece) and pallets (for Mobile fixture on the automatic line of the combined machine tool).

3 adjustable clamps. A special fixture that can be replaced or adjusted for components.

4 combination fixtures. A fixture consisting of standardized components of different shapes, sizes and uses, suitable for single-piece, small batch production and temporary tasks for new product trials and frequent product changes.