Winding machine precision parts

Winding machine precision parts

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The characteristics of the winding machine fixture piece can reduce the technical requirements and labor intensity of the operator. Because the clamping device of the special fixture of the large winding machine only needs to be simple fixed or moved the handle, the clamping of the skeleton can be realized. This greatly reduces the time and difficulty of the worker's effectiveness and the adjustment of the position of the skeleton. The construction of a reasonable fixture does not need to be corrected and adjusted at all. Therefore, the low-pressure foil winding machine of these special fixtures reduces the technical requirements for workers and Reduce the labor intensity of workers.

At the same time, it can also increase the winding processing difficulty of the winding machine. Many winding machine fixtures can not only clamp a certain type, but also clamp different types of skeletons, and have their own adjustment position device, which can make the fixture itself. Can also be used on different types of winding machines, which have expanded the winding processing scale of the winding machine.