Winding machine accessories

Winding machine accessories

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A winding machine is a device that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece, usually for copper wire winding.

Winding machine fixtures can shorten the time of mold loading and unloading, and improve labor productivity. There are generally two processes for the use of fixtures. First, the fixture itself is fixed and adjusted on the equipment. This process is mainly between the fixture itself and the equipment. The connection device, this process needs to correct and detect the fixture itself, which is the key to whether the fixture can be used for the purpose; the second is the installation and debugging of the winding skeleton in the fixture. This process generally uses a special positioning block or positioning pin. Realization is a reasonable way to hone the design and manufacture of fixtures.

At the same time, it can ensure relatively constant winding accuracy and product quality. During the winding process, the relative position of the skeleton and the reel and the margins are guaranteed, and it is not easily affected by other factors, so the product The winding accuracy is not reliable .