Winding machine accessories selection

Winding machine accessories selection

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In order to improve the efficiency of the CNC winding machine when designing the winding fixture for the customer, the following points should be noted when establishing the positioning reference and clamping scheme of the winding machine fixture piece .

In order to facilitate the company's co-ordination of document filing, reduce design time and facilitate processing, the design benchmarks, process benchmarks and programming benchmarks should be consistent. To improve the winding power for customers, we should consider future operations as much as possible in the design, reduce the clamping process of the fixture, minimize manual adjustment, and avoid affecting the useful working time of the CNC winding machine. Use the most convenient method and a simpler idea to plan the fixture for the customer to wrap the qualified product, and to make a qualified coil after the positioning clamp as much as possible.

The function of the winding machine clamp is to clamp the coil. It is necessary to ensure the coil clamping is reliable and ensure the positioning accuracy, so that the loading and unloading is convenient and fast, and the processing efficiency is improved. The components of the winding jig can not hinder the normal operation of the winding machine, and the concentricity and weight of the jig should not impose too much burden on the moving parts of the winding machine.