Winding machine accessories

Winding machine accessories

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Winding machine manufacturing and use industry insiders should know that the winding machine fixture is the basis for the winding of the CNC winding machine. The winding fixture is the bridge between the AC winding machine and the user's requirements for the coil. Whether it is the purchaser of the winding machine or the operator, it is necessary to understand that the winding machine can't do anything without the winding fixtures that are strictly planned and processed. Therefore, measuring the technical content of a winding machine manufacturing company is often not how good his winding machine is, how beautiful the appearance is, these are all virtual, in fact, for the user, one can The winding machines that produce qualified products are what they need.

The winding fixture can be divided into the presence or absence of a skeleton and a skeleton without the coil of the user; it can be roughly divided into a square shape and a circular shape according to the shape; the utility model can be divided into a general type, a special type, and a combination according to the function. Modeling and so on. When the winding machine is working, the basic principle of coil positioning is to properly select the positioning reference and clamping scheme. A complete winding fixture should include the following parts:

Positioning component: The positioning component is used to ensure that the coil is in the correct position in the fixture. Generally, the pin, bolt and thimble are used to position the two sides of the coil and the inner plane. The design of the positioning component should ensure that the groove of the coil is not in the middle of winding. Change, and can easily complete the subsequent operations such as demoulding and wrapping tape .

Specifically, the clip is specifically the basic part of the winding clamp, the positioning component, the clamping device, the guiding device, the various connecting devices and the like are mounted thereon, so the clip is generally more complicated, which ensures the between the components. Relative position accuracy, its own accuracy requirements are also relatively high.