Thermocouple spot welding head

Thermocouple spot welding head

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Thermocouple (thermocouple) is a commonly used temperature measuring component in temperature measuring instruments. It directly measures the temperature and converts the temperature signal into a thermoelectric potential signal, which is converted into the temperature of the measured medium by an electric meter (secondary meter). The shape of various thermocouples is often very different due to needs, but their basic structure is roughly the same, usually composed of hot electrode, insulating sleeve protection tube and junction box, etc., usually with display instruments, recording instruments and electronic adjustment Used in conjunction with the device.

In industrial production, temperature is one of the important parameters that need to be measured and controlled. In the temperature measurement, the thermocouple spot welding head is widely used, and has many advantages such as simple structure, convenient manufacture, wide measuring range, high precision, small inertia and easy transmission of output signals. In addition, since the thermocouple is an active sensor, it does not require an external power supply for measurement and is very convenient to use. Therefore, it is often used to measure the temperature of a gas or liquid in a furnace, a pipe, and the surface temperature of a solid.