Thermocouple spot welding head temperature measurement

Thermocouple spot welding head temperature measurement

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The thermocouple spot welding head is a temperature sensing element and is a primary meter. The thermocouple directly measures the temperature. A closed loop composed of two conductors of different composition materials, due to different materials, different electron densities generate electron diffusion, and a potential is generated after stable equilibrium. When there is a gradient temperature at both ends, a current will be generated in the loop, generating a thermoelectromotive force. The larger the temperature difference, the larger the current will be. After measuring the thermoelectromotive force, the temperature value can be known. A thermocouple is actually an energy converter that converts thermal energy into electrical energy.

Technical advantages of thermocouple spot welding head : Thermocouple temperature measurement range is wide, performance is relatively stable; measurement accuracy is high, thermocouple is in direct contact with the measured object, and is not affected by intermediate medium; thermal response time is fast, thermocouple changes temperature The response is flexible; the measuring range is large, and the thermocouple can be continuously measured from -40 to + 1600 °C; the thermocouple has reliable performance and good mechanical strength. The service life is long and the device is convenient.

The conductors or semiconductors A and B of two different materials are welded together to form a closed loop. When there is a temperature difference between the two attachment points 1 and 2 of the conductors A and B, an electromotive force is generated between the two, and thus a current of a magnitude is formed in the loop. This phenomenon is called a thermoelectric effect. Thermocouples work by applying this effect.