Molybdenum boat

Molybdenum boat

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The molybdenum boat is processed by molybdenum through cutting, folding, rivet and welding steps. The shape of the molybdenum boat can be shaped into circular, rectangular, square and trapezoidal shapes according to customer requirements. Molybdenum boats also have excellent properties of molybdenum. Molybdenum boats are widely used in vacuum evaporative air machines, capacitor sintering, nuclear fuel sintering and rare earth industries. During the sintering process, the molybdenum boat does not melt, which is due to the high temperature resistance of molybdenum. Molybdenum boats are also used as load carriers in high temperature furnaces. Molybdenum boats of different shapes have different advantages. For example, the elliptical grooved molybdenum boat is less susceptible to vapor deposition. If you want to know the molybdenum spot welding head, you can also inquire .

The classification of molybdenum boat is as follows: 1. Flat groove molybdenum boat: suitable for high wettability materials, 2. V-shaped groove molybdenum boat: suitable for materials with less wettability, 3. oval grooved molybdenum boat: suitable for melting Material under the state, 4, spherical groove molybdenum boat: suitable for expensive materials such as gold and silver, 5, narrow groove molybdenum boat: this design can prevent the vapor deposition material from getting stuck in the filament clip, 6, steamed aluminum boat: in the boat The surface of the body is coated with a layer of alumina to help evaporate the boat against highly corrosive molten materials.