Tungsten boat

Tungsten boat

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Tungsten boat can also be called evaporation boat or coated tungsten boat. It is formed by high temperature stamping of tungsten sheet, stamping boat and folding boat. It is widely used in vacuum coating industry and sintering furnace or vacuum annealing ship industry.

Tungsten boats have stamping boats, folding boats, welding boats, riveting boats and other types. Tungsten boat has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Tungsten boat is widely used in the vacuum coating industry such as gold plating, evaporator, development control mirror, heating container, electron beam painting, household appliances (housing), mobile phones, toys, and various decorations, and sintering or vacuum annealing of the ship industry. in.

In an ideal (vacuum, dry) state, connect the wires at both ends of the tungsten boat and energize them, and place the low-melting metal in the middle recess. When the temperature rises below 2000 degrees, the metal will evaporate into a gas and be plated on it. On the surface of the workpiece.