Alloy nozzle processing

Alloy nozzle processing

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The development and application of mechanical equipment is getting better and better. The cemented carbide nozzle industry also has a certain contribution. It is used in many machines. For the development of cemented carbide nozzles, there is a big reason for practical use. Affordable, durable, for example, because many places in life are applied. When the previous line was not particularly popular, the industry at that time was still not much, so the development of the mouth is still Very good, because the application to the industry is more, then the technology has increased a lot, and the automation equipment is still very good, now the manufacturers are still very good, in recent years, the development of alloy nozzles is also faster And technically it has greatly improved a lot.

At present, the industry uses special equipment for precision grinding and precision grinding of inner holes, so that the inner hole roughness reaches Ra0.1, and the roughness at both ends R is as high as Ra0.025. The radius of curvature of the inlet and outlet ports at both ends is scientifically designed to ensure smooth and natural crossing. This is the attitude of the carbide tip, and it is precisely because of this, the focus is easy to use, or durable, is the right way, and many people have not noticed some details in choosing the carbide nozzle. If you want to use the carbide tip for a longer period of time, you can take care of it after use, and it is basically impossible to clean it. Although the advanced equipment guarantees the quality of the production of carbide nozzles, it is not completely error-free. The processing methods are as important as the processing technology. Our professional and technical personnel are also very important to make perfect carbide nozzles. The guide pin must be multi-faceted.