Carbide nozzle

Carbide nozzle

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We all know that because today's development trend is very fast, there will always be some inferior or even unqualified products on the market. If we do not carefully distinguish when purchasing, it is very likely that we will purchase unqualified products. For the carbide nozzle , how can we tell if it is good or bad? Let's take a look at it:

It is necessary for us to master some techniques for distinguishing the quality of carbide tips. First we can distinguish by observing the shape of the nozzle. The carbide nozzles on the market now have two shapes, one is shoulder type, the other is shoulderless, and the shoulder type is the ruby ​​head parallel to the metal rod, which means that there is a step when ruby ​​is processed. The shape and the shape of the step ensure the wall thickness of the ruby ​​head. With the guarantee of the wall thickness, there is a complete shape of the R shape, which can effectively ensure the strength and safety of a nozzle, and vice versa. The ruby ​​head has an outer diameter smaller than a metal rod. The shape of the ruby ​​head is not processed through the step, it is a direct insertion metal rod, the head of the cemented carbide nozzle is very thin, it is easy to break, plus the head due to the thin wall The shape of the R is difficult to guarantee, and the condition of the scratch is easy to occur.