Whetstone grinding method

Whetstone grinding method

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Regarding diamond abrasive paste, the particle size ranges from W40 to W0.5. The W40 is thicker, the grinding amount is large, the W0.5 is finer, it is used for polishing, and it is not annealed, and the hard knife can also be ground.


Applying the coarse W40 paste to the boron carbide whetstone can speed up the grinding and not anneal.

Then, after cleaning the rough paste on the knife, use W0.5 paste and apply it on ruby ​​or natural jade for polishing. The effect of throwing is mirror.

The three kinds of oilstones of green silicon carbide, white corundum and brown corundum are not strong enough, and the particle size is a bit thick, it is easy to grind the knife, and the other three kinds of oil stone will not anneal during polishing and grinding.

There is no difference in particle size greater than 1000. It is mainly determined by the abrasive paste. The W1.5 paste is applied to 1000-mesh ruby. The grinding effect is the effect of W1.5 paste, which is 2500 grain. The oilstone effect.